Stylist´╗┐ Kateryna Gerasymova
I'm a creative person. I do style shoots for brands, dressing people for events, write fashion articles, create social media content.

I was nominated for an award "FASHION STYLIST 2021" Ukrainian Fashion Association

My works have been published in international fashion magazine:
Imirage (2020)
Holm (2020)
Lucy's (2020)
Assure (2020)
French Fries (2020)
Modic (2020)

French Fries (2021)
Holm (2021)
MOB (2021)
Ellements (2021)
Vous (2021)
Roll up (2021)
Horizont (2021)
StyleCruze (2021)
Assure (Cover December 2021)

Shuba (2022)
Malvie (2022)
Flanelle (2022)
Malvie (2022)
Goji (Cover issue 26 2022)
Goji (2022)
Horizont (2022)
Marika art (2022)

and other

Author for the PlayBoy

On cooperation and any questions, please contact me:

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